If you wish to begin construction with the confidence that your building will qualify for Passive House certification when complete, submit your plans, specs, PHPP, etc. (“Pre-construction Documentation") to us before starting construction for our Pre-Construction Conditional Assurance.

Within days of receipt, a Passivhaus Institut-accredited CertiPHIer reviewer will begin to carefully review your Pre-construction Documentation, make sure that it is accurate and complete, note any areas of concern, start work on a detailed review, and upon completion, send you a comprehensive list of required changes or CertiPHIers’ written Pre-Construction Conditional Assurance that if your building is constructed as designed and all required post-completion Construction Documentation is submitted, then we will award Passive House certification.

CertiPHIers attempts to issue Pre-Construction Conditional Assurance within four weeks of a complete application; however, service depends on our reviewers' workloads, the number and extent of revisions, time for any required consultation with the Passive House Institute, and other factors.

After you complete construction, air leakage testing, and ventilation commissioning, please send your Construction Documentation.  CertiPHIers can quickly review your Construction Documentation, and certify your new Passive House.

Price is based on complexity of the Passive House and the time we estimate for our review.   Thus, our cost depends both on your building and your organization. 

Our lowest prices are for simple, new, single family residences  (e.g., new homes with simple geometry and limited number of enclosure assemblies, homes designed for only one household, homes without basements, homes with a single system for the floor, a single system for the walls, and a single system for the roof, and homes without renewable energy systems or exotic components/equipment).  

Our lowest prices are for submissions which are 100% complete at the time of submission with all files in the folders we specify and a near-perfect PHPP v8 or v9 file.  

Payment of approximately 80% of the total cost is due with Pre-construction Documentation to begin our review.  The balance is due with your Construction Documentation after you have completed construction.  

Price and terms are subject to change without notice.

If you would like a proposal, please send complete information to us, and we will provide a written proposal valid for 30 days.


Please take a moment to View our Terms and Conditions in the link below


If you have more questions, please contact us for additional information about our process and payment.


Although CertiPHIers recommends you apply for Pre-Construction Assurance before you break ground, we know that life is not always so neat and tidy.  Therefore, we accept applications even after construction has started, but ask that you always apply as early as possible.