EnerPHit Certification

EnerPHit is the Passive House Institute’s certification for deep energy remodels or retrofitted buildings.

PHI developed EnerPHit because achieving the Passive House Standard with an existing building is not always a cost-effective or realistic goal.  

EnerPHit maximizes cost-effective energy-efficiency upgrades, and EnerPHit certification recognizes the achievement.  Typically, an EnerPHit building may consume up to 65% more energy for space heating and cooling than a Passive House, but no more total whole-building source energy than a Passive House.

The Passive House Institute has two paths for EnerPHit certification from which you can choose. The remodeled building must either have a PHPP v8 or v9-modeled maximum annual heating and cooling demand within limits for the building's climate or alternatively consistently incorporate Passive House components meeting the requirements for PHI component certification.  For details, see http://passiv.de/downloads/03_building_criteria_en.pdf

 Given the alternative EnerPHit certification paths as well as the complexity of most retrofits (and modeling them), CertiPHiers’ price for EnerPHit certification depends on the the path and project complexity.  Please send complete information to us, and we will provide a written proposal valid for 30 days.




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