If you would like help with PHPP, designPH, Therm, Flixo, or other energy-balancing/thermal bridge assessment programs, our experts look forward to assisting you!  We can also assist you with WUFI moisture analysis.

We can help you model a specific building. For example, need help with your shading entries? Or entering your heat pump(s)? Or ground source heating? We can help you. Struggling to model your thermal bridges? We can help you.

Or perhaps you or your office want specific or general trainings in PHPP, designPH, or Flixo. We offer remote trainings in addition to onsite training.

We can assist you charging an hourly rate or make a proposal for the entire scope of services.

Please contact us to discuss the assistance you want and/or the scope and goals of a particular Passive House/EnerPHit project. 

Note: If an expert working through CertiPHIers Cooperative develops the PHPP for a specific Passive House building, that expert is prohibited from certifying that Passive House. This rule ensures the independence and integrity of the building certification. In fact, this "four eyes" requirement provides another important benefit in that you obtain the independent assistance of two experts: one for design and another for certification. However, as PHPP experts, we usually provide a bit of coaching to help you complete your PHPP at the beginning of our certification process. That is allowed. Your Certifier may assist you in completing your PHPP and also certify your Passive House building.