The thermal bridge analysis and reporting application

  • analyze and present

    • Unique reporting with automatically generated and individually designed reports
  • reliable and validated

    • flixo is validated according to EN ISO 10211 and EN ISO 10077-2
  • move quickly to the optimal solution

    • fast results with intuitive usability and useful tools


For professionals in thermal bridge analysis, flixo pro is a first class tool for building physicists, professionals, and especially for designers and power users in curtain wall construction, envelope engineering, and architecture.


For designers, manufacturers, and energy modelers of windows, flixo frame produces thermal-hygro analysis of window frames.


For architects, planners, energy modelers, and building physicists, flixo energy helps you calculate thermal bridges for most constructions

Why flixo?

  • Reliable, validated and refined since 1999

    flixo supports the new version of the standard EN ISO 10077-2 and corresponds to all current standards for the calculation of thermal bridges. The new calculation method EN ISO 10077-2:2017 has been implemented by infomind. The validation examples have been calculated with flixo among others.

  • Unique reporting with automatically generated and individually designed reports

    flixo lets you create individual reports and vizualize weak points with the help of isotherms, temperature curves and streamlines. You can create, use and assign compagny and user specific document templates like in Microsoft Office products. Several tools and wizards are available to help you to calculate key values and to vizualize them in a customizable manner.

  • Quickly to the optimal solution

    The CAD-based input of constructions, the import of DXF-files and databases with more than 3000 materials, boundary conditions and components reduce the input time. The graphic display of results, the simple creating of variants in the same file as well as the customizable designing of report pages lead to optimal results in a short time.

flixo features

Multiple documents

Multiple documents can be opened at the same time and data can be copied from one to the other.

Multiple models

A document can contain multiple models. This lets you display multiple constructions or related calculations in one report.

Multiple languages

The same report can be displayed and printed in multiple languages.

Accuracy requirements

According to the standard EN ISO 10211 each construction has to be calculated at least 2 times with different grid options. flixo can do this automatically.

Comprehensible results

Results can optionally be displayed with all formulas, interim results, parameters and measurements.

Parametrized objects

Predefined and individually parametrized objects can be used to calculate variants quickly and to create and use components for similar purposes.


Components from the extendable component database speed up the input of a construction.


Extensive material and boundary condition data from different norms are included in the extendable databases.


Intelligent objects and wizards simplify standardized input and evaluation.