We are CertiPHIers Cooperative:

 North American Passive House Professionals dedicated to high-quality, local, and affordable Passive House certification.

We formed CertiPHIers Cooperative to support both the growing North American Passive House Industry and Certifiers providing certification.   

Our vision is a growing industry supported by local owner/member professionals in the true North American style of "producer cooperatives" and "worker co-ops." 

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CertiPHIers Cooperative is a PHI-accredited building Certifier.

We certify projects to all of the international certifications offered by the Passivhaus Institute:

Certified Passive House

EnerPHit Certified Retrofit

CertiPHIers Cooperative offers Consulting service and Educational Workshops on Passive House design and energy modeling with partner organizations.

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Tools For Everyone

Use flixo for quick and reliable thermal bridge modeling

Our TFE initiative seeks to make the world's most-used Passive House energy modeling tools, books and software affordable for everyone and every project. 

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