Although CertiPHIers accepts applications for certification of Passive Houses under construction or completed where it has not reviewed or given a Pre-Construction Conditional Assurance, CertiPHIers strongly recommends you obtain our Pre-Construction Conditional Assurance.  In fact, CertiPHIers discounts the certification fee for simple, single family residential Passive Houses which obtain Pre-Construction Conditional Assurance before construction.

For building certification where the certification process is started after construction has started, CertiPHIers offers post-construction certification.

Price is based on complexity of the Passive House and the time we estimate for our review.   Thus, our cost depends both on your building and your organization. Our lowest prices are for simple, new, single family residential Passive Houses with well-organized, complete submission of all information at one time, and near-perfect PHPP v8 or v9 files.  100% of our price is due when when you submit your Construction Documentation.  Price and terms are subject to change without notice.

Your Construction Documentation should include all of the documentation proving the building meets the relevant criteria at at the time of submission including

  1. complete as-built plans (including site and vicinity plans showing all objects shading the building),
  2. complete specifications (including performance values for all components, equipment, lighting, and appliances relevant to the Criteria),
  3. the final PHPP v8 or v9 files and any THERM or Flixo files for thermal bridges,
  4. complete 3rd party, independent blower door air leakage test and ventilation system commissioning reports in required form, 
  5. photo documentation sufficient to assure CertiPHIers that the building is built according to the plans, specifications, and PHPP, and designed thermal bridges,
  6. copy of a complete Passive House owner's manual and copy of owner's receipt, and 
  7. construction site supervisor and owner’s sworn statement that all submitted Construction Documentation is true, accurate, and complete.

Upon completion of our review, if your building meets the Passive House Standard, CertiPHIers will issue the certificate.

If you would like a proposal, please send complete information to us, and we will provide a written proposal valid for 30 days.



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If you have any more questions, please contact us for additional information about our process and payment.