Flixo Energy Plus


Flixo Energy Plus

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flixo energy plus

The thermal bridge analysis program with excellent reporting functions for energy consulting and analyses.

  • Includes the DXF Import module, the glazing wizard, and the streamline feature.

  • Allows you to both define geometry data yourself and import drawings from CAD programs.

Perpetual license allows use of the software without a time limit. The perpetual license includes updates and basic support for the first year.

Yearly subscription license allows use of the software for 1 year. After a year, the license may be renewed. The yearly subscription includes upgrades and basic support for duration of the license. (This is best for users who want to always take advantage of the latest improvements in functionality with the latest version of flixo energy plus).

A flixo dongle is required to operate the software. Please make sure to purchase one with your order if you do not have one already.

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