If you would like help with PHPP, designPH, Therm, Flixo, or other energy-balancing/thermal bridge assessment programs, our experts look forward to assisting you!  This can be for general education, training, and skill development or for a specific project.

Please contact us to discuss the assistance you want and/or the scope and goals of a particular Passive House/EnerPHit project.  We will introduce you to an expert who can help you.

Note: If an expert working through CertiPHIers Cooperative assists you to design a Passive House, that expert is prohibited from providing building certification services for you on the same Passive House to ensure the independence and integrity of the building certification. In fact, this "four eyes" requirement provides another important benefit in that you obtain the independent assistance of two experts: one for design and another for certification.  If this conflict prevents you from having the Certifier you want review your Passive House, we can refer you to several other PHI-accredited Certifiers certifying Passive Houses in North America.