We're Officially Certifiers!

About a year ago, Dr. Witta Ebel, co-owner of the Passivhaus Institut (PHI) , and wife of Dr. Wolfgang Feist, invited us to become PHI-accredited Passive House Certifiers. 


Well, good things take time.  And so did the long road to becoming Certifiers.


After several months of research led us to establish CertiPHIers as a Cooperative business early this year, it was time to prepare for traveling to Darmstadt, Germany for training.  The logistics for getting four people to the same place at the right times and for the right price were daunting, but we pulled it off!  


Albert Rooks, Christina Snyder, Dylan Lamar, and Tad Everhart travelled to Darmstadt in April and took part in six days of intensive training at PHI.  Here we are with our class. 



It was eye-opening to study Passive House with accomplished experts from Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Hungary, and South Korea.  Fortunately, they all speak English as do virtually all 60 of PHI staff.  Sometimes, the biggest language barrier was with those folks from the U.K. with their funny accents and terms (what’s “fabric” and “shuttering” and “bespoke”?).


After attending further training in workshops prior to the International PH Conference in Leipzig, we returned to Darmstadt for two more days of training and signing our Certifiers Contract with PHI.  On Earth Day, Tad signed the Contract on behalf of CertiPHIers Cooperative.  And by the time we all returned from Germany, Dr. Feist had signed on behalf of PHI.



Upon our return we’ve been busy setting up our certification protocols and returning calls from people eager to use our service.  At the same time, in Germany, the PHI has been revamping its website.  We’re proud to see our name on PHI’s list of accredited Certifiers based in the USA 



However, we’re in excellent company operating in North America.  The Passive House Academy  (based in Ireland and New York City) and Andrew Peel (Peel Passive House Consulting, based in Canada) have been busily certifying buildings to the Passive House Standard as well and will continue to do so in a friendly competition with CertiPHIers which gives you both a choice and many benefits of a competitive market.