Andre Harrmann, Welcome to our Team!

Andre Harrmann recently started assisting CertiPHIers with building certification services. We’re thrilled he’s joined.

We got to know Andre better during our visit to Leipzig this spring attending the 19th International Passive House Conference right after we opened CertiPHIers for business. 

I was a bit nervous traveling to a large, foreign city, and needed help finding a hostel that was conveniently close to both the train station and the Conference center.  Asking around, I got a response from Andre. 

He sent an incredibly helpful map of Leipzig, complete with two areas of the city circled in blue and marked “party zones.”  Andre’s a native of Germany and grew up just outside Leipzig, and if you are ever in Leipzig, count on Andre for up-to-date advice on night life.



Andre single-handedly organized the successful NAPHN dinner party for 75 people in Leipzig, but his main party this spring was celebrating the birth of his beautiful Clara.  She got to visit Leipzig and meet lots of adoring relatives.  And of course she was one of the highlights of the NAPHN dinner as well.



When he’s not partying (I mean playing) with Clara, Andre is a project manager at the University of British Columbia where he facilitates building repairs and construction projects to achieve UBC’s energy conservation targets.  He relies on both engineering and architecture expertise acquired from both German and U.S. universities where he earned graduate degrees in civil engineering, building physics and heritage architecture. But that's not all .  .   .    .



In addition, Andre has his own very active Passive House Consulting business, Harrmann Consulting.  He is actively consulting on a variety of Passive Houses.  And the Bedford Road House project in Nelson that he worked on with Lukas Armstrong turned out so well that they presented the project at the recent NAPHN 15 Conference.  The presentation is now posted on the NAPHN site.  And you can learn more about the project at Andre's site:

Since 2012, Andre has provided PH training, PHPP modeling services and support with certification. Although he hoped to complete the PHI’s Certifier training this spring, he’s had to delay it until next spring in Darmstadt.  However, in the meantime, he's not resting on his laurels.


An admitted perfectionist, Andre is committed to excellent tools for Passive House professionals and continuous quality improvement in existing tools.  Already, he offers two helpful tools via: a Compendium of Passive House formulas with metric and IP units and a SI-Imperial converter tool.  And he has an excellent list of resources in his Library   

The Passive House movement doesn’t grow without organizations to support it.  Although building these organizations is hard work with little thanks, they are as vitally important as every Passive House which is designed and constructed.  Without them, we have no conferences, trade shows, educational events, newsletters, and community voice.  Andre has been an active leader within local and international Passive House organizations, serving on both the board of directors of CanPHI West and the North American Passive House Network.