Passive Houses in South West Europe

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Passive Houses in South West Europe.jpg

Passive Houses in South West Europe


Resource Manual for Designing Passive Houses in a Mediterranean Climate

The findings of the 2009 study done by Jugen Schieders of the PassivHaus Institut on creating Passivhauses in the Southwestern Europe Mediterranean climate. The 337 page manual studies creating the Passive House energy balance in 12 locations ranging across the Iberian peninsula of Portugal & Spain, northern and southern Italy, and coastal France. Look for the red dots on the cover photo to see the study locations.

Sampe Findings of the Study:

  • “Double low e glazing with a noble gas is usually an appropriate choice. Triple glazing often has no thermal advantages.”
  • “Good movable exterior shading is indispensable. Without movable shading the cooling load can increase by 5W/m2.”
  • “Another essential feature is good thermal protection. High insulation levels are a prerequisite for low heating demands.”

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Passive Houses in South West Europe - english language edition-Passivhaus Institute

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